DragonFire (DragonKeeper Chronicles #4)

by Donita K. Paul

Warning: If you haven't read the first three books in this series, this post (including the description from the back cover) contains spoilers.

from the back cover
Three years of strife have passed since Kale and Bardon freed Paladin's knights. Now, fiery dragons scorch their beautiful countryside as an evil husband-and-wife wizard duo fight for supremacy. The people of Amara just want to be left alone, hoping the conflict will disappear. But Paladin is dying, and Bardon and Kale--now married--must accept fateful, separate assignments if their land is to survive. Can their efforts turn the tide against their adversaries?

Kale's responsibility is to find, hatch, and train an army of dragons by working side-by-side with the dragon keeper father she has never known. As the Amaran countrymen seek escape, she must gain a greater understanding of her gifts to overcome her doubts.

my rating

my review
This one just didn't do it for me. The cover art isn't the greatest (which is highly uncharacteristic), and I didn't enjoy the story nearly as much as her other novels.

We started off on the wrong foot when, on the first page, I discover that Bardon and Kale are married. THERE COULD HAVE BEEN AN ENTIRE BOOK BETWEEN THREE AND FOUR. Gosh, sorry, I don't usually use my caps lock key. But I was quite angry. And then she rubs it in my face by using the words "wife" and "husband" about fifty times in the first chapter alone.

Since Bardon and Kale receive separate assignments, the chapters alternate between them, which is a style that, while necessary, drives me nuts. (side note: I like commas)

Beyond that, I don't even remember already what all bothered me. It's just that awkward, terrible but necessary in-between book that most series have. Oh, the villains. The villains were so very cheesy and melodramatic. Lightning shooting from fingertips just for show? The sky darkening as she comes into view? Thinking out loud to his captive? The other books have a bit of this too, but this time there were three villains, and it was just too much.

Conclusion: Read the book, because it is good (but not great) and necessary for understanding the final book in the series, which you do want to read. It has its moments, I promise!

DragonFire (DragonKeeper Chronicles, #4)

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