return from a brief hiatus {the great unveiling}

My "brief hiatus" became an entire month almost before I realized that any time had passed at all, but in the end, it was all worth it. Sometimes it takes a month of silence to realize where you're going.

As promised, I have made some changes during my apparent absence -- though it could be said that Britt did all the hard work. When I made the innocent inquiry way back in August of how she made her social media buttons, I had no idea that I would end up with an entirely new custom-made blog design.

This was the third design she drew up to appease my picky palate, and I can't express how much I appreciate her incredible patience through the whole process, because the end result is so amazingly perfect. Without Britt, I'd still be typing in Courier font under a wintergreen-mint heading, with mismatched social media buttons in the sidebar.

For those of you who, like me, have an impossibly poor memory, here is a screenshot of the old design for comparison's sake:

I also updated the various pages, so feel free to stick around awhile and see what all has changed! And from now on I plan to post new content every Tuesday, and occasionally on Friday if I have a lot to say. :)