a crescendo of beaked voices carries
on a storm-bringing breeze
as black feathered forms,
having saturated the trees, drop
to grass sand and gravel from
steel wool sky
drawing ever nearer in their massive
flocking form as they inch southward
suddenly a soft whirring of wings
erupts from the field
and a black cloud thunders past
leaving only silence behind


walking the dog

almost took a trip through the neighbor's yard at
the end of a leash this morning
their chickens were scattered about
scratching at the dewy lawn and
Stella thought one might make a fine
alternative to the breakfast she hadn't received yet
and loads of entertainment besides
but she trotted on perpendicular to the road
swiping her tongue up across amber muzzle
restrained only by an annoyingly stubborn human


the body of Christ

what if
I am an appendix?
that useless component
wondering at the worth
of its own existence
dropped on this earth with
no idea and no direction for
no one knows the purpose
of an appendix and
I am left up to my own
lonely devices
to find myself in

ah, but in God I am never alone

so perhaps this
is the first shuffle of feet
in a long journey
the realization that I am part
of something that is whole
and without me it would no longer
be what it was so
the appendix should not wonder
at whether but at what
is its worth


portrait of a cafe

"...in a small town, oh
what is that place called..."
a nearby voice booms to
acquaintances and
a timer buzzes
dog barks over 
clinking clanging silverware
I detach myself and
at my two-person
side-table in the back
of the room
in front of an
underappreciated homey fireplace


to listen

to still the mind and
find the Candle within
exist as a soul
and listen
for God speaks more often
with warmth
than with words
beyond the chaos of
our understanding