Holy Saturday

the day between, the breath
separating great sorrow and great joy
a moment of anticipation
a sigh of relief before the climax--
but to know it wasn't so
that the sorrow continued for not one
day or hour of devotional
but two long agonizing orbits
around the sun believing
that all Hope was lost, was buried
in a tomb
and then to feel the immeasurable
shock, denial, and finally
Immense Joy
touching holy hands and side
gazing at His face
that darkness can never
penetrate Light


First Light (A.D. Chronicles #1)

Bodie and Brock Thoene

Description from Goodreads: Go back in time to first-century Jerusalem. It's a dark time in the world's holiest and most turbulent city. Walk with Peniel, the blind beggar who longs for rescue from his suffering. Peek into the lives of Susannah and Manaen, two lovers separated by overwhelming odds. And meet an unusual healer, who ignites a spark of controversy in the fire of hatred, deceit, and betrayal that is always burning in this ancient city. This first book in the A.D. Chronicles series will bring you face-to-face with the man called Yeshua.


Palm Sunday

what thoughts rolled through His mind
what emotions overtook His countenance
as our Lord rode into streets
lined with happy pilgrims come
for the festival of the Passover?
was it joy at the sight of so many
gathered to praise God and
honor the One True King
or overwhelming sorrow knowing
that those uplifted voices would soon scorn
the man that today they named Savior?

indeed Mark notes that upon entering Jerusalem
after so cheerful a welcome
Jesus wept
for the ignorance of His children