"...once I'd dreamed of sailing around the world, of paddling down the Amazon, of sitting around a fire with tribal people and sharing their food and their lives. I had loved the person who had those dreams. She was daring and idealistic...and gone."
--from Tales of a Female Nomad

but she's not entirely gone,
by the way.
she just gets lost sometimes.
or buried
under everything else.
just please don't let me forget
that "everything else"
isn't me.


one dream

just because I don't have a single dream
doesn't render me a failure
it means I have no plans
to get in Your way
and the dream that I'm left with
when all else seems meaningless
is to follow You

prodigal daughter

You never left me
I fell empty
of my own accord
shutting You out
because I didn't like the words
whispered in my mind
turning and yelling
of abandonment
pointing my finger at You
when I was the one running
in circles
deafened by my own screams