angel beside us

God kneels beside us--as we
lay face-down upon the floor pleading
for Him to make Himself known to us--
waiting with holy all-creating all-encompassing
arm hovered just inches above trembling shoulder blades
the arm of YHWH upon our backs if only
we would let go of fear

that chest-tightening instinctual emotion set off
by the very idea of another being materializing
at our side, placing an arm around our shoulders,
so much so that we would jerk upright and
flash open eyes in that breath of a moment before
an angel alights


spinning still

the merry-go-round goes round and round
and here I sit complacent--maybe--
in the center watching those around me live,
become distant
while I sit afraid to jump into the
blurred unknown of the greater world
though experience whispers the potential pain
is worth it
and really it's this small spot of comfort
I sit on that streaks larger smudges
upon my lens with every opportunity I pass up
yet still I only stare at my unmoving knees
and wonder
how does anyone ever find North in this spinning mess