what if

what if we decorated sidewalks and parks
with snap-peas and apple trees
instead of invasive species?

what would happen if the city
employed the homeless to care for them
instead of well-to-do landscapers?

what if the hungry no longer went hungry
and the homeless found homes
and beauty merged with functionality--what then?

what would happen if dreamers became doers
would they change this world we live in?


to be great

You never asked us to be great
never called us to secure a place
in children's textbooks
to become the next Mother Teresa
or MLK, no--
You only wanted us to
believe in Your great love and
in turn show kindness to others
for that is what You have tried
to tell us in so many hundreds of pages
for so many thousands of years
not to be great but to
humbly serve



perhaps You are not silent, perhaps
we are deaf
and we have the words to read
because we cannot hear them

even as we accuse You of abandonment
You have equipped us with all we need