wordless wednesday: glancing back, looking forward

So, this Wednesday isn't exactly wordless, but there are quite a few pictures to make up for it. :) A lot happened this year, between a graduation, four weddings and several vacations, so I thought I might give you a peek.

annual family xc ski trip in WV
(Dad, Mom, and my shadow pictured)

family vacation to NYC
(me and my brother with the New Year ball)

annual John Kline ride that my Mom and I participate in

my "little" brother graduated high school
(that's him in the middle)

I got married!
(photo by Gayle Driver)

family camping trip
(my brother and a friend pictured)

Christmas week with the in-laws
(tree photo by my father-in-law, Tim)

So what happens next? Well, my husband and I will be moving this spring, which will probably just be to another apartment in the same town, but may be to another state if a certain application is approved. In addition, I'm going to actually move forward with my freelance editing dream, so if you're an author keep an eye out for a post on that. And even later in the year? More weddings. :)

As for reading, my goal for 2013 was 30 books, and I surpassed that with a total of 34, plus a few beta reads. So this year I set my goal for 34 (though I'm aiming to surpass that).

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