Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar #1)

by H.L. Burke

Look for this book coming out on January 27! I beta read it, and was blown away.

Dragon's Curse is a wonderful self-published fantasy/romance and, true to the title, it features dragons. I devoured it in just a few days, my only disappointment being that the second book is still in the works.

It is fairly short as far as novels go, but great things come in small packages, right? Of course they do. H.L. Burke packs action, romance and just enough detail into her book without making it feel rushed. Dragon's Curse is a light read while also being incredibly difficult to put down.

I love the relationships between all of the characters in this book, both existing ones and those that develop throughout the story. The plot is wonderfully unique and mostly unpredictable.

Dragon's Curse is reminiscent of Donita K. Paul's books, and if you've read this post you know that is a grand compliment, coming from me.

5/5 leaves

Dragon's Curse (book 1)


  1. Sounds like an interesting read! The cover is definitely catchy. ;) I don't read very many fantasies/romances, but I should. I kind of write it a bit...hehe...

  2. Oh, you should! Especially Dragon's Curse and any (or all, all is good) of Donita K. Paul's books. :) Do you have anything published?