Emma of Aurora: A Tendering in the Storm

I requested this 1,168-page trilogy for review back in December, and have decided to review each book separately so I don't forget any important details along the way. If I ever actually make it through all three books, I may post a summary review at the end. Click here to see my review of book one, A Clearing in the Wild.

Emma of Aurora is based off of the true story of Emma Wagner, who challenged the submissive role of women in her close-knit Christian colony even as they ventured west to seek a more isolated home.

A Tendering in the Storm (Change and Cherish #2)
Jane Kirkpatrick

Although I can't seem to really get into these books, I do enjoy them on some level. Reading about Emma's spiritual journey--and that of others around her--helps me to examine my own faith. I also appreciate the historical aspects of the novels.

The structure was a little different from the first book, in that a few chapters were written from another character's perspective. Both women mention a few times that they are writing in journals, though the book does not have that feel to it at all. Those comments seemed awkwardly thrown in and unnecessary. There's also a moment where Emma pulls an anecdote from the future that gives away part of the book, and that too was unnecessary and awkward.

To its credit, though, I went through quite a few emotions while reading this book: anger, frustration, helplessness, sorrow, fear, anger... oh wait, I already said that. Let me explain:

The insufferable male characters from the first book become more sufferable in this book, though they still have their moments. However, a new male character is introduced who makes the first two seem like perfect little lambs. He is absolutely infuriating. As for the sorrow part, there's a terrible shocking twist towards the middle. For not being attached to this book, I was pretty emotional from this point forward (outwardly so. My husband was a bit concerned).

Although my review thus far makes it sound pretty terrible, A Tendering in the Storm does has some joyous moments, and the ending is absolutely beautiful. It will take your emotions for a ride, but in the end it's all worth it.

3/5 leaves

A Tendering in the Storm (Change and Cherish Historical #2)

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