more than just a number: 2015 reading goals wrap-up

Back in January, I listed six reading goals for the year in attempt to broaden my reading horizons. I wanted to read more classics, and to continue reading nonfiction and poetry. I'd never listened to an entire audiobook (that I can think of), so I wanted to try that out, too. It was an experiment, and, well, I didn't do that great, even though halfway through the year it seemed I would easily reach all of my goals. Overall, though? I think I did pretty well. Check out that grand total at the end of this post!

7 nonfiction -- 7

I expected to be reading a lot of devotional-type books, but instead, my nonfiction pile is all over the place. But maybe that's a good thing! I learned a lot from The Romani Gypsies and Unbowed, and I don't think I gave any of these lower than a four-leaf rating. Definitely not less than three leaves.

3 classics -- 2

Sadly, I never mustered up the courage to attack Les Miserables. I did, however, receive a big surprise in that I enjoyed Far from the Madding Crowd much more than I had expected to. On the other hand, I had been looking forward to reading Watership Down, and was greatly disappointed.

1 book of poetry -- 0
So, I read a few poems from several different books, and I had very good intentions, but this one didn't happen. I was already reading too many books at any given time (typically about three or four), and it seemed a book of poetry might be the straw to break the camel's back.

1 audiobook -- 0
I tried. And I fell asleep. Turns out audiobooks just aren't for me. Although, I still might try to "re-read" the Chronicles of Narnia via audiobook while continuing to teach myself to knit. It might work better with books I already know well.

The One Year Bible -- 1/2
Um, well, this is awkward. I'm still in the month of June, if I'm remembering correctly (it's been awhile since I've cracked that spine...). I kept missing days, and then I forgot about it altogether. This is going on the list to finish next year. But if you're looking for a good way to read the Bible in one year (and you're more dedicated than I am...), this is a good option! I do like the layout and organization.

miscellaneous fiction to add up to 35 books -- 40
Clearly, I read a lot of fiction this year. And much as I would like to paste an image here of all of the novels I've read in 2015, it would be a very large picture. If you would like to see all of them, check out my year in books.

grand total: 49 books

What reading (or other) goals did you set for 2015, if any? Did you reach them all, or fall short, as I did? How do you feel about audiobooks?


  1. My book goal for the year was 48, but so far I've only read 36. I don't think I'm going to make it. :) But, I'm going to try for 48 again next year.

    1. 36 is still a lot of books! I think I was somewhere around that number last year. Happy reading! I hope you reach your 2016 goal. :)

  2. My goal at the beginning of the year was to read 50. Haha I don't even know why I try. I've got 19 and am pretty sure I'm going to make it to 20, but yeah... not 50.
    But it looks like you read some great stuff! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Watership Down, it's one of my faves, but I understand it's not for everyone. But you should definitely pick up Les Mis. It is daunting, but oh so worth every page. Audiobooks are much easier if you are doing something to keep you awake while listening (why do the narrators have such soothing, relaxing voices?).
    I hope you have a great new year full of beautiful 5 star books!

    1. Yes, I'm in the minority with Watership Down, I believe. And some day I will tackle Les Mis. Maybe this year? Maybe?

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're able to reach your reading goals in 2016 (but sometimes life happens, and that's ok, too -- I've definitely been there)!

  3. I'm trying so hard with audiobooks atm, and it's not really working out. They're sooooooo slow. Well done on all your reading this year! :)

    1. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who fails at audiobook listening (erm, not that I'm happy about your failing, but, you know... I'm in good company?). :)


    Never mind, don't tell me., :p it's one of my most favourite books *pats W.D. lovingly* so maybe we'll just agree to disagree and leave it at that. Nonetheless, I agree with Hannah - you should try Les Mis! Once you get past the first 50 pages, you're golden! It'll suck you in and never let go. :) I had a hard time getting through the One Year Bible, too - I found that the regulated readings DIScouraged me instead of motivating me to read more. Now I just pick a few books and try to read a chapter from each every time I open the Bible. Much more manageable for me. :) (can I get points for alliteration??)

    (also, for poetry? Try Tennyson. LOVE him.)

    1. Yeah, sorry, not a popular opinion to have... If you change your mind and really want to know, I have a review somewhere around here that I could dig up for you. :)

      Gosh, all this encouragement to read Les Mis! I might have to hunt it down on my next big book shopping trip (which is coming up soon -- yay!). My high school performed it, I saw it on Broadway, I've watched the movie a half dozen times... it's about time I read the book.

      I like your idea of picking a few Bible books to read from. I'd wanted to read through it somewhat in order, but I just didn't get into the rhythm of reading it every day. And I started reading The Books of the Bible -- New Testament, which is a lot easier to read, since it doesn't have any headings or chapter/verse numbers. It's amazing what a simple format change can do!

      Tennyson -- haven't read much of his work. I'll have to check it out!

  5. AH YES READING GOALS. (Basically your reading goals are my reading goals -- I THINK I READ 4 BOOKS THIS YEAR NOT KIDDING. it's so dumb.) And gaahhh, you read 49 books? BRAVO GIRL. that is fabulous! "I tried. And I fell asleep." < AHAHHA YES. oh my gosh. This happens to me sometimes too. xD Audiobooks are just SO RELAXING. But maybe it doesn't help to listen to them at 11pm while trying to fall asleep? idek. but yeah, it's like melatonin or something. x) It definitely makes a huge difference when the reader is good versus....er, boring. THERE ARE SO MANY BORING VOICES OUT THERE it's ridiculous. ugh.

    Oh don't feel awkward, girl. I always suck at those one-year things or..something that you have to read every day? ugh I just can't DO IT FOR SOME REASON. idk. I think I have the brain of a dog or something. Too many squirrels to get distracted by, right?? xD HA.

    anyway this was awesome. you inspire me to read more. ^.^

    1. Hmm... maybe I should listen to audiobooks when I have trouble sleeping... :) Actually, I attempted to listen to the audiobook while I was on a long flight, and I fell asleep multiple times (as if once isn't bad enough!).

      Hopefully, I can finish The One Year Bible in the next six months. That's the goal, anyway! I think distraction has something (or everything) to do with why I can't listen to audiobooks. I'm a very visual person.

      I'm so glad this post inspired you! Yes, always read more. :)