wordless... thursday?

Um, yeah. On Tuesday I was convinced that it was Wednesday, and then yesterday I was completely ignorant altogether. I forgot all of the important things that should happen on Wednesday, such as posting a photo to the blog and taking out the trash.

Anywho, last weekend was my family's annual cross-country ski trip in a little place I like to call Narnia (aka WVa with snow):

Blackwater Falls

On Sunday afternoon, my husband and I drove over one mountain, then another, then another... Anyway, we came home to not a single snowflake, not even a leftover dirty mound in a forgotten corner of a parking lot. And then I woke up this morning to see this out my kitchen window:

See that mound on the left? That's our car.


  1. Oh! SO much pretty snow!!! I love soft, fluffy snow! And those pictures did look very Narnia-ish. I want to watch the first movie again now 8-D I keep hoping some fluffy snow will fall where I live. So far it has just been the hard, flat kind.

  2. LOL thats great. I live in Canada and I've totally had those moments where I look out the window and see a surprising amount of snow literally everywhere. Beautiful pics!