mourning dove

a twittering of spring flutters
my eyes open
on a February morning
but it is the even more unexpected sound--
the coo of summer--
that causes my heart to warm
a simple five-note melody
brings with it lazy summer afternoons
on the shady back porch
a brief respite from the sun's searing heat
while still bathing in humidity that
teeters between a warm blanket and a suffocating one
a simple reminder of joy and peace
from a bird whose name turns the tune
and yet my soul still soars


  1. I wish it was cooing summer here. I keep shaking my fist at the threatening autumn air, but it's not listening to me.

    1. haha, oh, I guess it is coming on autumn there, isn't it? I like fall too, though. Just not winter (at least, not much). Does it get very cold where you are?