Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914

Michael C. Snow (author) and Annie Berzovan (illustrator)

Oh Holy Night tells of the events that occurred on Christmas of 1914 in the trenches of WWI--how for one day, enemies met in no man's land as friends. It's mostly a compilation of soldiers' letters home, with relevant hymns and biblical passages woven in and black-and-white drawings scattered throughout.

Honestly, I found it a bit dry, and the organization didn't flow well enough for my taste. However, I'm neither a fan of non-fiction nor of history (although I do like historical fiction...), and this is both of those things. I did enjoy and was moved by the story told in Oh Holy Night, but got tripped up in some of the details and by the fact that I never really paid much attention in history class.

I think this would be a great gift for history buffs, particularly those interested in WWI. Oh Holy Night not only tells the story of one day, but weaves it into the larger picture of the whole war, and even how it relates to the second World War.

3/5 leaves

Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914

(Thanks to Michael Snow for sending me a free ebook in exchange for an honest review!)

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