blessed Elizabeth

nine months in a silent house
five in self-prescribed seclusion

did she know the full meaning
behind her husband's stiff tongue,
could she read the truth 
in his steady gaze (his hands, his face)?

nearly half a year alone
in praise, joy, worship--
or in quiet meditation?
did she join Zechariah's silence?

she knew, at least, about Mary
for one word from the young girl's lips
and John--six months in the womb--
recognized the sweet voice of his savior's presence

and Elizabeth knew
she was blessed

I wrote this poem after reading the first chapter of Luke--it's mostly based off of verses 23-45. I don't remember having noticed the five months Elizabeth spent in seclusion before, but it really stood out to me this time. Zechariah tends to take the spotlight in the first pages of Luke, followed quickly by Mary with a brief mention of Elizabeth in-between. But I find her untold story fascinating, especially in comparison (and contrast) to Mary's.


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