looking forward

There are two three books coming out in the next few months that I am very very excited about... 

The first, One-Woman Farm: My Life Shared with Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Goats, and a Fine Fiddle by Jenna Woginrich, will be on the shelves November 5. I just found out about it a few weeks ago and was happy to learn I didn't have long to wait. After hearing Woginrich speak at the Mother Earth News Fair last fall, I fairly quickly devoured two of her books, Barnheart and Made from Scratch. And they both earned a place on my favorites list.

I happily just discovered (as I'm looking up links and images for this post, no joke) that she has yet another book due out next June! This one is a collection essays, which I'm not usually a fan of, but Woginrich is such an engaging writer that I think I would enjoy it. The title is Cold Antler Farm: A Memoir of Growing Food and Celebrating Life on a Scrappy Six-Acre Homestead.

And now for the book I am most excited about: One Realm Beyond, the first in a new series (Realm Walkers) by Donita K. Paul. I have read all of her fantasy novels so far--all eight of them--and upon finishing the last one this past spring, was very sad to see them end. But, being the stalker that I am, I noticed a Pinterest board of Paul's called Bixby Styling that appeared to be dedicated to a new character. Which could only mean one thing. Sure enough, her new book hits the shelves on January 28! (synopsis available on the author's website)

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