book haul!

This week a local used bookstore is having a warehouse sale, so of course I had to go! After more than an hour of perusing the tables and tables and tables of books, I finally left (to my husband's relief) with these five gems, for less than four dollars. 

I bought Animal Dreams to add to my Barbara Kingsolver collection even though I've already read it, I saw the movie Chocolat a few years ago but have never read the book, and Mountains Beyond Mountains was recommended to me a while back. My husband picked out the Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes, and that little tiny book on top is a parable-like story called Help in Need that from what I can gather was published in the late 1800s. It's old and pretty, and only cost me a dollar. :)


  1. I love local book sales, I always get the best and cheapest buys! New follower! Please stop by and give a follow if you like what you see, I appreciate it :)

    1. Thanks for following! I'm obviously quite new at this blogging thing and still trying to build up some traffic. :) You have such a unique and well-designed blog, by the way!