here I am {poetry thursday}

sometimes, I get a certain feeling
about a place
a fluttering

here I am
here I am
here I am

as if God is pointing
to the land beneath my feet
and saying
here you will be

here I am
here I am
here I am

the world continues turning
in its orbit and
God smiles as I realize

here I am
here I am
here I am

it seems surreal and yet
a small piece of my soul
perhaps knew all along for
one day--before--I had stood here
and it inexplicably
felt like home

here I am
here I am
here I am

Have you ever visited a place and felt something click, only to find yourself living there years later? I never plan these things, and yet they happen. God has a plan for your life, and it is inexplicably incredible.


  1. Come feel this way in Thailand :)

    1. Mmmm, Thai food. :)

      (but Thailand is not the same thing as Taiwan, and therefore still not close enough to Pam...)