a trot around the globe {mini reviews}

It's funny how the books I choose to write mini reviews for often have a theme. This time, all three books are set in different countries: Iceland, India, and Russia. I actually wrote full reviews of the first two for OnlineBookClub.org, so click on the titles if you'd like to view those (the third simply links to Goodreads)!

Goodbye Bombay
by Gry Finsnes

I had high hopes for this novel about an expat in India, but unfortunately, it fell short. Although the story was actually very captivating, I disliked the protagonist, Christine, who seemed quite irrational and self-centered. And I'm so very tired of affairs and broken marriages! What about healthy relationships? Can we read about those for a change? To her credit, Fisnes does include vivid, colorful imagery and tantalizing descriptions of food, and Christine has two kind, loyal friends whom I adored. If you like romance, you may enjoy this one more than I did!

3/5 leaves

The Silver Arrow
by Ieda Jonasdottir Herman

When considered as a middle-grade novel (despite the teenaged protagonists), this is an enjoyable read with a fun adventure. I really appreciated the unique Icelandic setting, and I loved the possibility of Hidden Folk and Finna's unwavering belief in them even when others scoffed at her. Unfortunately, the book has quite a few flaws, starting with the rushed first chapter and the unnatural dialogue throughout. And an unexpected twist launches the story into absurd, unrealistic nonsense. The combination of Icelandic folklore, aliens, and Norse gods is an interesting concept, but poorly executed.

2/5 leaves

Egg and Spoon
by Gregory Maguire

Adventure. Mayhem. Magic. This delightful fairytale full of Russian folklore and hilarity falls on the younger end of the young adult spectrum, but it's very fun. It's a beautiful weaving of lives, and each has their own story--there is so much growth and depth in so many different characters! Baba Yaga, of course, is a wonderfully fun character. There is definitely more to her than meets the eye! And what an impossibly beautiful ending. Egg and Spoon includes a good old fashioned "moral of the story," but one of the best I've ever read in a fairytale. In fact, I pulled several nuggets of truth from this book. Among them: "Live your life," spread the wealth, everything is connected (and one missing piece affects the whole puzzle), and family is important.

4/5 leaves


  1. As I ALWAYS say, I love your mini reviews. I feel like I should try doing something similar on my blog (though I would totally credit you for the idea!) because full reviews can be so daunting!

    I hate when a book doesn't live up to the expectations, though :/

    1. Thank you so much! I sometimes prefer reading mini reviews, and honestly, they're so much easier to write sometimes! I hope you do try it (though I'm definitely not the first to post mini reviews!). :)