horses and dragons and... poems by C.S. Lewis? {book haul!}

Another pilgrimage to Powell's City of Books occurred last week (aka we were visiting my in-laws in Portland), so of course I came home with a stack! And if you notice a lot of Wyoming-themed photos in the next several weeks, it's because we also spent a few days in the Tetons and Yellowstone the week before. I just couldn't not take 300 photos in such a beautiful setting! Anywho, the books:

The Dragon Keeper (Rain Wilds Chronicles #1)
by Robin Hobb
Dragons. Dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons. And a refreshingly simple cover that immediately captured my attention (I judge books by their covers. I try not to do the same with humans).

The Dragon Quartet, Volume 1 (Dragon Quartet #1-2)
by Marjorie B. Kellogg
More dragons! I actually bought this book because of the two-page introduction, which I read on a whim. Besides the fact that she rewrote history (and the present, and the future) with dragons in the world, Marjorie B. Kellogg apparently included her concerns for social justice and environmental responsibility in this series.

Airs and Graces (Horsemistress Saga #2)
by Toby Bishop
I actually bought this book at a local used bookshop (not in Portland). It's about winged horses--or, if you're me, "dragon horses"--and I only discovered after I got home that it's book two in a series. Maybe the library has book one...

Breed of Giants
by Joyce Stranger
I love Shire horses (they're enormous), so I was super excited to find this seemingly obscure 1960's novel in the afore-mentioned bookshop.

by C.S. Lewis, edited by Walter Hooper
C.S. LEWIS WROTE POETRY. I'd all but convinced myself this book didn't actually exist, and then I found it nestled in among C.S. Lewis' more famous works on a bottom shelf in Powell's. It took great self-control to not jump up and down in the middle of the store.

by John O'Donohue
During a sermon by a guest speaker on Matthew 6:25-34 ("Do Not Worry") last summer, I decided for some odd reason that I absolutely had to know the preacher's favorite book, and believe it or not, as I was thinking this and how sad it was that I probably wouldn't have the courage to ask, he held up this book and very highly recommended it to us all. So I bought it.

Seraphina (Seraphina #1)
by Rachel Hartman
Oh look, more dragons! I have read so many good things about this book, so I finally hunted it down and snatched up a copy for myself. But my husband is reading it first, which, I'm ashamed to say, bothers me. I guess I'm a little jealous...

Do you turn green when someone else reads your precious, brand-new book before you? What beautiful places have you travelled to recently? And I'm especially curious whether you knew that C.S. Lewis wrote poetry!


  1. I love the book cover for The Dragon Keeper! It's beautiful! And C.S. Lewis wrote poems? I didn't know that! Now I'm inspired to go search my library for dragon books and Lewis poetry. :)

    1. Isn't it, though? I love minimalist covers. Good luck in your C.S. Lewis poetry search -- it took me well over a year to finally track that book down!

  2. C.S. Lewis is always a great edition to any bookshelf, and like you, I've heard Seraphina is an amazing novel. :) Happy reading, Serena.

    1. Thanks, Rissi! Happy reading to you, too. :)

  3. I LOVE THE DRAGON THEME!! I feel like I need to buy books in themes now... Anyway, I've heard SO much about Serephina - I hope you enjoy it (when your husband eventually finishes it, I mean)!
    Beth x

    1. Haha, the theme was completely unintentional -- it just kind of worked out that way. :) And my husband reads even slower than I do, so I guess it's a good thing my TBR shelf is so full! Lots to keep me occupied while I wait. Thanks for stopping by!