a solitary place

what of those He didn't touch?
the ones calling out His name as
He went off to a solitary place

perhaps some perished even while He prayed
and then left, healing no more in that place
so as to reach neighboring towns

and did He grieve the ones left suffering?
what of them--did they still pray
or fall to hopeless despair?

and yet
though fully God, our Christ was human
and we are limited in these mortal bodies

so shall we do nothing in the name of fairness?
or do small works knowing that
perhaps love
spreads faster than healing

(inspired by Mark 1:29-39)


  1. Wow, Serena, this really spoke to me. Especially the last verse. We can't touch everyone on this earth, just as Jesus couldn't heal everyone who desired his touch--but that doesn't mean the sacrificial life we lead isn't worth it. I love the last line: "perhaps love spreads faster than healing."

    1. Thanks, Ally; I really appreciate your feedback. It was learning moment for me, and I'm glad I could pass on the inspiration.