what's your favorite Advent devotional?

I am a firm believer in fully appreciating Thanksgiving and waiting until after that lovely holiday before moving on to Christmas. However, I would like to read through a Christmas devotional this year, and seeing how Advent begins three days after Thanksgiving, I thought I'd start putting my feelers out now.

Do you have any suggestions for me--any devotionals you've read in the past and absolutely love? I'd like something thought-provoking that walks through the Christmas story in a chronological fashion. I'm extremely hard to please as far as devotionals go: they can't be too shallow or preachy, yet if they get too theological I lose interest.

In any case, go ahead and share your favorite Advent devotional and we'll see if my obnoxiously perfectionistic self approves (don't worry, I won't hold it against you if I don't like your suggestion). :)

If you're on Goodreads, I've made a listopia list of potential winners. Please vote for your favorites, and if your favorite is not on there, feel free to add it!

In respect of Thanksgiving, here are some turkeys contemplating a wheelbarrow...

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