just for fun: book-ish quizzes

I happened upon a book quiz the other day, and, well, my productivity went downhill from there. Bored? Pick a quiz and share your score--mine are pretty easy to beat! :)

Are you as well-read as a 12th grader?
--my score: "a few books short of a full shelf (0-35)"
Young adults books quiz: Can you match the quote to the book?
--my score: 81%
Think you're well-read? Take our World Lit quiz
--my score: 42%

Specific Authors and Books
Shakespeare: a short quiz on the work of the Bard
--my score: 33%
How well do you know Pride and Prejudice?
--my score: 85%
How well do you know The Hobbit?

--my score: 78%

Lord of the Rings: 40 questions to test your knowledge of Middle-earth
--my score: 70% (darn movies have addled my brain; I need to read the books again :P)
How well do you know J.R.R. Tolkien?

--my score: 20%
The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz
--my score: 57% "Not bad. You've definitely got a little magic up your sleeve."
Chronicles of Narnia Quiz
--my score: 71%

Literary Character Quiz
--my result: Galadriel from LoTR
Test your grammar 'smarts' with our quiz!
--my score: 74%
Are you a poetry aficionado?
--my score: 53%

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