The Guardian (The Gifted #1)

C.L. McCourt

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I really enjoyed reading McCourt's first fantasy novel, and look forward to reading the rest of the series! It is surprisingly realistic (for a fantasy) and very detailed without being boring. This is a very smooth read. Though written in third person, the book alternates between perspectives of three main characters and weaves their lives together beautifully, gradually revealing connections.

The synopsis of this book is a little misleading, as it is more of a one-page prologue than a summary of the book. The story actually takes place in our world, and as such is a rather light fantasy that most anyone would enjoy. Daen is sent here to help a woman, though he doesn't know why she needs help, much less who or where she is. The reader learns and discovers alongside Daen, his friend Randell, and a girl named Rhea who's life holds more secrets than she knows.

At times the book seems a bit juvenile, but these moments are brief and quickly forgotten--it also improves as the story progresses. My other reason for only four stars is the half-dozen or so grammatical errors and typos scattered throughout the book.
Finally, I must throw in that this book is very clean, which can be hard to find sometimes. It contains very little violence, no bad language and no eroticism. Definitely fit for teens as well as adults.

4/5 leaves

(Thanks to C.L. McCourt for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!)

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