The Channel (The Gifted #2)

C.L. McCourt

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In this second book, Rhea, Daen and Randell continue their search for answers. Now that they have found each other and a way into Luxatra, the plot moves along much more quickly and is more action-packed than the first book. Rhea learns about who and what she is, opening up more questions pertaining to what it all means.

McCourt did a fabulous job of introducing the characters in the first book, and follows that up with even more depth in the second as they adapt to new situations (or, in Daen's case, return home). In addition, the characters are very believable and their dialogue is realistic. Unlike so many books I read, I never thought, "This would never happen." Even fantasy has to follow some form of reason.

I mentioned that this book is more action-packed than the first, and that does include more fighting. However, I really appreciate how McCourt handles this. It is only ever in self-defense, and Rhea has a great internal battle (no pun intended) over the violence that takes place, adding a refreshing dose of humanity that so many fantasy novels lack.

This book receives four stars for plot and characters, but like The Guardian has many overlooked typos. And what annoyed me the most, for some reason, was that the villain is dubbed the "troublemaker."

4/5 leaves

(Thanks to C.L. McCourt for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!)

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