The Dragons of Chiril (Valley of the Dragons #1)

Donita K. Paul

Description from Goodreads: Tipper has been caring for her family’s estate for years now, ever since her father disappeared, making a living by selling off his famous artwork. Then she learns that three statues she sold were carved from an ancient foundation stone, and the fabric of her reality is crumbling. 

She must free her father and save the world. But she can’t do it alone.

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My Review: Another great book by Donita K. Paul! After reading her DragonKeeper Chronicles, I was very excited to discover this series, which follows a young emerlindian and other characters through events that occurred well before those in the DragonKeeper series, and on a different continent. However, a few familiar faces come into play, tying the two series together nicely.

Donita writes in such a way that the books are not only enjoyable for adults, but also appropriate for kids. I recommend this book to all fans of the DragonKeeper Chronicles, as well as those who may not be familiar with Donita K. Paul but enjoy fantasy novels and/or Christian fiction. Having said that, I would suggest starting with the DragonKeeper Chronicles in order to fully understand all of the details, though that isn't really necessary. It's just my personal preference (but really, you're going to want to read them all anyway, so you might as well start in the right place :) ).

5/5 leaves!

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