I refuse {poetry thursday}

This winter I refuse to be unhappy.
I refuse to sit inside, wrapped in melancholy,
longing desperately to be Somewhere Else
while all around me beauty
waits to be noticed, acknowledged:
snowflakes falling silently,
glorious dust from heaven piling softly
on the ground, clinging to branches,
sliding--zip!--off the roof
as if to carry my human filth away;
boots critch-crunch through quiet woods,
accepting the sap lines' invitation
to solve their tangled maze,
breaking the rules--perhaps there are none, here--
by ducking under and stepping over,
stopping to wonder at a felled tree
whose white-capped, tumble-down pieces
could be cushioned stools or
a long-forgotten ruin,
then turn, look up the hill:
Is it possible I live
in a canvas castle in the woods?


  1. I love this, especially the first line cause that's exactly what I'm teeling myself atm as well! :) I really want to fully experience the beauty of winter time and Christmas this year & make it a December to remember x


  2. Ahhhhh the last line especially... wow. so serenely pretty.

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! The last line refers to the yurt that I currently call home. :)