Traveling Light

by Andrea Thalasinos

from the inside flap
A homeless Greek man is dying in a Queens hospital and Paula is asked to come translate. The old man tells her of his beloved dog, Fotis, who bit a police officer when they were separated. Paula has never considered adopting a dog, but she promises the man that she will rescue Fotis and find him a good home. But when Fotis enters her life she finds a companion she can’t live without. Suddenly Paula has a dog, a brand-new Ford Escape, an eight-week leave of absence, and a plan.

So Fotis and Paula begin the longest drive of their lives. In northern Minnesota, something compels her to answer a help-wanted ad for a wildlife rehabilitation center. Soon Paula is holding an eagle in her hands, and the experience leaves her changed forever.

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This is a fun, light, late-summer read. I really enjoyed journeying alongside Paula as she discovered the joy of living with a dog and the awe in holding an eagle. And the story line was engaging, if not a tad cliche on its most basic level.

It could use a good edit, namely for believability. For example, that "something" that compels Paula to call the wildlife rehabilitation center is never explained to any extent. Maybe she doesn't know why she called, but I'm sure she at least felt something. I'll never know, because the author didn't tell.

Also, it has one of the worst endings I've ever read, almost like a "slice of life" novel, except the rest of the book doesn't read that way. I was reading happily along, eager for what might come next, and it suddenly ended. Poof. No more text, and nothing was resolved. And no, there isn't a sequel.

Finally, there was a bit of unnecessary language scattered throughout in the same manner that a movie director sprinkles the f-bomb throughout his script in order to achieve an R rating.

I realize I've made Traveling Light sound like a terrible book, but I'd categorize it alongside cheesy chick-flicks: it may not be well done, but you enjoy it anyway.

Traveling Light

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