The Dark Healer (The Gifted #3)

by C.L. McCourt

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Rhea's confidence took a blow when her quarry escaped; his parting words taunting her. Shaken, but not defeated, Rhea and her companions devise a new plan to take down the barbarous troublemaker and his band of terrorizing thugs. Along the way, they discover that if his true plans of death and destruction are realized, he will wipe the realms from Libritas. As the Libraim's channel, Rhea's gift is powerful, but is it enough? Will she and her friends be able to stop him before all is lost?

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It took me a few chapters to settle into this book, probably because it's been months since I read the first two in the series. But once I did, I found it had a wonderfully engaging plot line that thoroughly captured my attention.

Here comes the "but" (you knew it was coming). The Dark Healer reads like a draft, and not a final one. If it had one more thorough edit, for both grammar and content, I would have given the book a much-deserved higher rating. The text was riddled with obvious typos, and one major relationship was so awkwardly written in the first seven chapters that it wasn't at all believable. It does smooth out a bit after this rough start, though.


  1. It is kind of tragic to read a book like that. Even if it smooths out later on

    1. Yes, and it was especially tragic since I'd beta read her first two books (which were wonderful) and was therefore in conversation with C.L. McCourt before and after reading this one. I really enjoyed the story, though, so it was worth it in the end.

  2. I think this book would be a turn off for me.
    I like a book that sounds realistic, even if it's not.
    Also, with all those typo's, I just don't know.
    Thanks for your review on the book.

    Thank you for stopping by.
    I can't imagine how I am going to package all my books when we move.