book haul!

I was at the beach for a retreat this weekend, and there just happened to be a rummage sale at a church just down the block. And they were selling books for $2 a bag. How could I pass that up?

A book about climate change, birds, and the consequences of atomic bomb testing, written by a poet. I snatched it up.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver
I've read this already, yes, but I did not own it. I love love love this book.

Traveling Light by Andrea Thalasinos
The main character unexpectedly adopts a dog and, equally unexpectedly, takes a job at a wildlife rehabilitation center en route to Canada.

My husband laughed when he saw this book in my pile. I'm very much interested in yoga, and this super-cheap book comes with a DVD. I'll let you know if it's better than it's cheesy cover.

I Am The Great Horse by Katherine Roberts
A young adult novel about Alexander the Great, written from the perspective of his horse. A historical novel about a horse? Count me in.

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